THREE Black Batman Blocks - Mask

THREE Black Batman Blocks - Mask

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Raw Batman blocks.

Wooden blocks With a BLACK Batman plaque by ellahoot.

Each block is 7x7cm and made of solid wood.
The blocks are handcut onsite.
Blocks comes with a black batman plaque on the front. 


Our products are designed for children who understand and are old enough to NOT EAT or use our products as teething or chew toy. Each product is painted with a water base paint and then sprayed with a acrylic sealer. Some products come with Flower crowns... Buns.. wings...etc These parts can come off if eaten or pulled and become a possible CHOKING HAZARD for young kids... If buying for young children or babies you must keep your products up high on a shelf and use for decorative pieces only. BLOCKS are heavy... do not place on a shelf above any childs head. ELLAHOOT holds no responsibility or is not liable for any damages, choking, health issue. By buying our products you agree to this.

please allow 3-4 weeks of orders thank you